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2011 May 08

The Benefits Of Taking Out Horse Insurance

One of the biggest benefits to taking out horse insurance is much like life insurance that a human takes out. In the event of your horses death the policy pays out the sum insured. It also typically pays out if your horse is stolen or lost and not recovered, along with providing financial assistance towards a reward for locating a stolen horse.

Another benefit you may be able to add into your horse insurance is vets fees. If your horse falls sick and has to have tests and treatment, the costs could be staggering. If you have insurance the policy typically pays up to so much towards the costs. The policy may also payout for permanent loss of use. This means that if you cannot participate in such as events with your horse, you are covered.

Horse insurance may be taken out to cover many other things too. For instance you could insure for personal accident in case the rider is disabled or killed. Such things as your tack and saddles may be included in the insurance along with third party insurance for liability. Look into a policy and the numerous benefits online and compare the cost of cover along with the amount of excess you have to pay in the event of a claim.

2011 May 04

Caravan Insurance Quotes, Finding Cheaper Insurance

When you go shopping for anything that comes with considerable expense you do not purchase the first product that you come across. When looking for insurance for your caravan the same thing should apply, you should compare caravan insurance quotes online.

There are many factors to bear in mind when you are looking for cheaper insurance for your caravan. While the cost of insurance will be one of the main factors, as of course it has to be affordable, there are others, such as the benefits to insurance. It is no good taking out affordable insurance if it does not provide you with the benefits and peace of mind you need. With this in mind always check out the summary of the policies you are comparing.

All caravan insurance quotes come attached with what is known as excess. The excess is how much money you pay towards any claim you have to make on the insurance policy. Some insurance policies come with higher excess than others. If the insurance comes with protection for your awning then you might want to check if storm damage is covered and if there is an additional excess to pay in the event of claiming for your damaged awning.

2011 May 03

Finding Affordable Exotic Pet Insurance

If you have paid out a lot of money for your exotic pet it may be wise to take out insurance for it too. However the cost of insurance may put your off. Fear not, if you shop around for exotic pet insurance you should be able to find an affordable policy.

Typically you will not get exotic pet insurance from the high street provider who offers life, car and home insurance. Even those providers offering cat and dog insurance may not take the needs of the exotic pet owner into account. However shopping around online you can find numerous providers who specialise in offering insurance for lizards, snakes, turtles and other exotic species. When considering insurance, always check that the insurance does provide cover for your particular species.

Exotic pet insurance may provide you with peace of mind of financial help in many circumstances. It typically pays out upon the death of your pet by accident or illness, if your pet is stolen or gets lost and it may provide you with financial assistance towards vet’s fees if your pet becomes ill or has an accident and gets injured. Shop around online and compare the premiums along with the benefits and the amount of excess you have to pay towards a claim.

2011 Apr 30

Touring And Static Caravan Insurance

Touring and static caravan insurance may save you from a great deal of grief if something happens to your caravan. Without a policy you could have to dig deep into your pocket, and in the worst case of theft or destruction of your caravan you could be many thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Some insurance brokers on the high street offer both forms of caravan insurance and it is important that you choose the right type. However, you might be able to get your hands on cheaper premiums if you look on the internet and compare it. There is no shortage of caravan insurance providers online, which is good news as it means the premiums are competitive. Take the time to get several quotes with different providers, and when comparing the cost also compare what benefits you are offered.

When making your comparison also take into account that you need to pay so much towards any successful claim you make. This amount is called the excess. It typically differs between insurance companies so always check. While a higher excess generally helps to keep the insurance premiums down, this is money you have to find out of your own pocket if a claim is made.

2011 Apr 29

Choosing And Comparing Dog Insurance

When considering taking out dog insurance it can pay to shop around and compare cover. Just as insurance for humans varies so does insurance for your pet. Here are some things that you may wish to consider.

Providers usually offer different levels of dog insurance. The different levels typically relate to the maximum amount you are able to claim if needed. For example a top package typically pays out more per year than the lowest package. All levels of insurance will come with a limit as to the maximum amount you are able to claim, if needed. Check out the top limits on each of the benefits, for instance, boarding fees, advertising costs and vets fees.

When dog insurance bear in mind that there is always a certain amount of excess that has to be paid if you make a claim. This varies between providers but there is always a minimum amount. The excess is the money you pay towards a claim in the event of having to make one, before the insurance provider pays the rest. Usually, the higher the amount of excess, the cheaper the insurance premiums, so if an insurance policy seems to be very cheap, it could be due to the large excess.

2011 Apr 25

Choosing The Best Static Caravan Insurance For Your Needs

Choosing the best static caravan insurance for your needs is not too hard if you compare quotes for cover online. There are many specialist insurance companies online and all compete with the other to get your custom. This means that you may be able to get cheaper insurance quotes than you might with providers on the high street.

The best static caravan insurance is a policy that is affordable to you and one which provides you with all the benefits you need. For instance, if you rent out your caravan then your insurance has to include third party liability insurance. This part of the policy pays towards any legal costs in the event someone gets hurt while staying in your caravan when renting. Liability insurance also comes in handy if you damage a third parties property, say for instance when re-siting the caravan.

When choosing your static caravan insurance policy you could wish to check the excess, whether the provider allows you to spread out the cost of the insurance in monthly repayments and the small print of the policy. It is only by reading the small print that you can find out what your policy covers, the limitations and the exclusions.

2011 Apr 24

Where Can I Get Cat Insurance?

Cat insurance may have to be taken out with a specialist offering pet insurance. One of the easiest ways to obtain insurance for your cat is online. Specialist providers typically offer various levels of cover to ensure that there is an affordable policy for all pet owners.

When looking online for insurance you may wish to bear in mind that all cat insurance comes with what is known as a certain amount of excess. This is how much you have to pay towards a claim, if one is made. The excess can vary with providers and usually the more excess on the policy the cheaper the premiums are each month.

While the benefits you get will depend on the level of insurance you choose there are some things that are commonly included in cat insurance. Usually a policy will cover up to so much vets fees in the event your cat is injured or develops an illness. It will pay so much towards the cost of boarding fees and advertising if your cat is stolen. Insurance for your pet can be worth the cost when you consider how much vets fees could be, a policy can bring enormous peace of mind.

2011 Apr 21

Home Emergency Insurance – Careful Cleaning Is The Answer!

You are asking yourselves what sort of tenuous connection could there possibly be between home emergency insurance and domestic cleaning? Well, the answer depends upon who it is that is doing the cleaning!

When my youngest daughter lived with us until fairly recently, one of the stipulations of her tenure was that she helped tidying up. Whilst we knew that this would be viewed as an onerous task and every possible reason not to do it would be employed, we did use some leverage to get her to do her bit.

The unfortunate result of one of these cleaning missions resulted in a realisation that we did not have everything in hand as we thought.

My wife badgered our uninterested daughter into vacuuming her room. An easy task you may reasonably assume, however, she did it with venom, banging into every object that got in the way. One of those objects happened to be a central heating pipe running from her radiator.

It was only when my wife ventured into her room to retrieve the vacuum cleaner that she saw the water leaking from the ruptured joint. After having listened to a full 2 minutes of ranting I decided to intervene and mention that it would be time better spent calling the home emergency insurance people on the emergency number and calling out a plumber.

By the time I arrived home, the problem had been solved and I was greeted by two versions of the event, one in each ear, from wife and daughter. I did what all men do in these situations and agreed with both!

2011 Apr 20

Comparing Touring Caravan Insurance Online

If you own a touring caravan you could wish to check out the cost of touring caravan insurance online by comparing a policy rather than just renew your policy. You could have got a great deal last year but there is nothing to say that the costs of the premiums are the same and you could get a better deal.

The internet is one of the best places to make a search and compare touring caravan insurance as you can check out the cost of insurance, the benefits of insurance and the terms of the policy. When you take out a policy one of the factors to consider is how much excess is on the policy. This is the amount you pay towards a claim if you have to make one. For instance if you should bump your touring caravan on a wall and cause £1500 of damage and your excess is £500 you pay the £500 and the insurance provider would pay £1000. Typically the more you offer to pay, the cheaper the insurance premiums can be. On the downside you have to pay this sum out of your pocket at the time of making a successful claim.

Touring caravan insurance is complicated as there are numerous other factors to consider based on what you want out of the insurance.

2011 Apr 19

Checking Out Pet Insurance

There are many things you need to check when looking to take out pet insurance. The cost may be one of the main points as insurance has to be affordable. What you get for your money is also of importance, along with the exclusions and limitations.

Another factor you have to take into account is how much excess you are asked to pay. All insurance comes with a minimum amount of excess but you may choose to pay more. The bonus to paying more excess is that typically it brings the cost of the premiums down. However the downside to this is if a claim has to be made then the excess has to be paid by you towards the claim before the provider pays the rest. The excess also means that if you run up vet bills of £60 and your excess is £50, it might not be worth making a claim just for ten pounds.

What you get for your money depends mainly on the level of pet insurance you choose to take out. Different levels means that insurance is generally affordable however bear in mind the lower the premiums the less you are able to claim back on the policy.