2011 May 03

Finding Affordable Exotic Pet Insurance

Online can be the best place to find insurance for your bird, lizard or snake. By comparing policies you can find the policy that gives you the best value.

2011 Apr 09

Cover Unusual Pets With Exotic Pet Insurance

Protect your investment and your pet with exotic pet insurance. Whether you own a goat, lizard or turtle an insurance policy will offer you peace of mind.

2011 Mar 17

Exotic Pet Insurance Helps With The Costs Of Owning An Exotic Animal

Birds, reptiles and small mammals are prone to illness and require expensive treatment. Exotic pet insurance protects you from large vet bills.

2011 Feb 22

Snakes, Lizards, Turtles, Exotic Pet Insurance Is Needed

Exotic pet insurance covers expensive vet bills, the cost of your pet in the case of death of your pet, or in case your pet is stolen.

2011 Jan 31

Choosing Exotic Pet Insurance

With exotic pets being more expensive to purchase and needing specialist care, pet insurance is a sensible addition to your pet care.

2011 Jan 08

Why Take Out Exotic Pet Insurance?

Unlike dogs and cats, there should be no risk of car accidents happening to your pet, so with an exotic pet is insurance really necessary?

2010 Dec 17

Cover Your Snake Or Lizard With Exotic Pet Insurance

Unusual pets can be more expensive to look after, particularly when it comes to their health. Exotic pet insurance helps cover the cost of specialist treatment.

2010 Nov 28

What Is Exotic Pet Insurance?

Struggling to find pet insurance for your bird, reptile or small mammal? Searching online for Exotic Pet Insurance will let you compare policies.