2011 May 08

The Benefits Of Taking Out Horse Insurance

The biggest benefit of horse insurance is the cover given for the actual value of the horse, but there are many other elements which can be included.

2011 May 03

Finding Affordable Exotic Pet Insurance

Online can be the best place to find insurance for your bird, lizard or snake. By comparing policies you can find the policy that gives you the best value.

2011 Apr 29

Choosing And Comparing Dog Insurance

Buying dog insurance online gives you a perfect opportunity to compare policies. Policies can vary in the cover offered and the size of the excess.

2011 Apr 24

Where Can I Get Cat Insurance?

Buying cat insurance online makes it easy to compare policies – which may vary in cost and the cover they provide.

2011 Apr 19

Checking Out Pet Insurance

How do you decide which pet insurance is the right policy for your pet? Here’s the lowdown on what to compare in each policy.

2011 Apr 14

Where To Find Horse Insurance For The Lowest Premiums

With horse insurance policies varying in the cover provided and the premium cost, it’s important to compare policies in detail to get the right one for you.

2011 Apr 09

Cover Unusual Pets With Exotic Pet Insurance

Protect your investment and your pet with exotic pet insurance. Whether you own a goat, lizard or turtle an insurance policy will offer you peace of mind.

2011 Apr 05

The Benefits To Taking Out Dog Insurance

You may be wondering what dog insurance covers – as well as accident and illness, policies may cover theft and third party liability.

2011 Apr 01

Have You Considered Cat Insurance For Your Pet?

Accident, illness or theft of your pet – these are all upsetting enough without the impact on your bank balance. Cat insurance takes the financial stress away from owning a cat.

2011 Mar 27

Understanding The Varieties Of Pet Insurance

When taking out pet insurance you need to understand the jargon in order to choose the best policy for your pet.