Riding is a great pastime and there is nothing like owning your own horse. However being the owner means you already have substantial costs for feeding and housing your horse. Have you ever given thought to how you might cope financially if the worst case scenario arose and your horse fell ill or suffered an accident? With this in mind you might want to consider taking out horse insurance.

Horse insurance in the most basic form would provide you with financial help in the event of your horse dying, being stolen or straying. The policy would typically pay out up to the sum insured and would also pay towards the advertising costs and reward to find it if it were lost or stolen. However you may also add in insurance to cover such things as vet’s fees. Vets fees can soon add up to a great deal of money and of course you could have to find thousands of pounds in costs yourself without insurance.

With insurance for horses behind you some if not all of the costs of medical treatment would be covered. You may also have peace of mind for third party liability, personal accident and protection for your tack.