If you have paid out a lot of money for your exotic pet it may be wise to take out insurance for it too. However the cost of insurance may put your off. Fear not, if you shop around for exotic pet insurance you should be able to find an affordable policy.

Typically you will not get exotic pet insurance from the high street provider who offers life, car and home insurance. Even those providers offering cat and dog insurance may not take the needs of the exotic pet owner into account. However shopping around online you can find numerous providers who specialise in offering insurance for lizards, snakes, turtles and other exotic species. When considering insurance, always check that the insurance does provide cover for your particular species.

Exotic pet insurance may provide you with peace of mind of financial help in many circumstances. It typically pays out upon the death of your pet by accident or illness, if your pet is stolen or gets lost and it may provide you with financial assistance towards vet’s fees if your pet becomes ill or has an accident and gets injured. Shop around online and compare the premiums along with the benefits and the amount of excess you have to pay towards a claim.