Anyone remember those grainy old black and white war films after the end of the Second World War? The bad guys were always shown to use dastardly measures to get information for captured soldiers! One of the favourite ones was dripping water torture. It all seems a bit naive today with the graphic portrait of violence, but it was based to some extent on fact.

One thing we are not naïve about today is protecting ourselves from the unexpected. That is why the popularity of home emergency cover has increased dramatically.

If you have ever found yourself being kept awake at night by a dripping tap, you will have some sympathy with those grainy old characters of old. Believe me, there is nothing more irritating than the drip, drip, drip of a tap. Apart from the annoyance factor, it is also telling you that it is worn out and will get worse. More to the point, it is telling you that it will suddenly just fail one day and will not be able to stop the flow of water!

Don’t torture yourself, simple cover yourself! A few pence per day for Complete Water Cover will assuage your fears and consign that dripping tap to those movies of old!