You are asking yourselves what sort of tenuous connection could there possibly be between home emergency insurance and domestic cleaning? Well, the answer depends upon who it is that is doing the cleaning!

When my youngest daughter lived with us until fairly recently, one of the stipulations of her tenure was that she helped tidying up. Whilst we knew that this would be viewed as an onerous task and every possible reason not to do it would be employed, we did use some leverage to get her to do her bit.

The unfortunate result of one of these cleaning missions resulted in a realisation that we did not have everything in hand as we thought.

My wife badgered our uninterested daughter into vacuuming her room. An easy task you may reasonably assume, however, she did it with venom, banging into every object that got in the way. One of those objects happened to be a central heating pipe running from her radiator.

It was only when my wife ventured into her room to retrieve the vacuum cleaner that she saw the water leaking from the ruptured joint. After having listened to a full 2 minutes of ranting I decided to intervene and mention that it would be time better spent calling the home emergency insurance people on the emergency number and calling out a plumber.

By the time I arrived home, the problem had been solved and I was greeted by two versions of the event, one in each ear, from wife and daughter. I did what all men do in these situations and agreed with both!