Static caravans provide you with a holiday home away from home but they come with some cost involved for their upkeep. One of these costs is static caravan insurance. Fail to cover your caravan and you could end up losing a great deal money if the worst case scenario arose.

Taking out static caravan insurance is all about finding an affordable insurance policy with the benefits that you need included. Very cheap insurance may seem like a good buy but what if it does not provide protection for such as your awning, decking or patio. These are expensive things and if they are destroyed it could mean you are thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Does your static caravan insurance provide cover that would give you new for old replacements on any items stolen, damaged or destroyed? Some providers will offer this and others may take into account how long you have had the items and count in depreciation. Is your brand new top of the line caravan covered as new for old if it is stolen or destroyed under a certain age? These are just some of the things that you should check for in your insurance policy at the time of obtaining a quote.