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2011 Apr 15

Touring Caravan Insurance For Protection And Security

Your touring caravan may have been an investment for the future and your retirement or it could be your home away from home during the summer months. However you use your caravan it will almost have certainly cost you a large sum of money. Taking out touring caravan insurance is therefore essential for protection and security.

Your touring caravan is at risk whenever you hitch up to a vehicle and take it out on the road. Accidents can happen and if your caravan ends up in a ditch you need to know that financially you are covered for repairs. There is also the possibility of you actually damaging someone else’s property or injuring someone with your caravan. Touring caravan insurance typically provides protection against these things, which means at least, you will not suffer financially.

If you have bought a brand new caravan and are looking for touring caravan insurance then you want to ensure that you take out a policy with agreed values. This means that you have the caravan valued, and this is the amount you insure it for; if the worst happens and it is destroyed or stolen you will not lose out financially.

2011 Apr 14

Home Emergency Insurance – Peace Of Mind For Your Loved Ones

If, like me, you get a little bit fed up of being told by Michael Parkinson to save for your funeral or leaving a `little` behind for your loved ones, you will appreciate that as we get older, we sometimes forget that our parents are also getting older.

Yes, we all know about life assurance and funeral insurance, but what about the living! What about protecting our elders from one thing they fear the most! That is why I made a decision about home emergency insurance that not only gives them peace of mind, but us as well.

This may seem and obvious statement, but it occurred to me last year when I was considering what to give my father for Christmas. It was only October after all! My mother had died a year earlier so he was alone. He was not wealthy, but was comfortable barring any unforeseen expense. That gave me a clue. We had taken out home emergency insurance the previous year after having a near miss with a leaking pipe in the roof.

I called round to see dad and told him that I had got his present early. At first, he did not seem to realize what it was! However, once he had read the contents of the large envelope a broad smile appeared. I had spent a lifetime relying on him when I was growing up, not it was my turn to repay some of that support.

It was a double-edged sword. We both had peace of mind for different reasons.

2011 Apr 14

Where To Find Horse Insurance For The Lowest Premiums

When you pay out thousands of pounds for a horse you need to ensure that you have horse insurance to cover the death of your horse or if it is stolen or wanders off. The majority of policies for horses cover this as standard along with offering more protection. However, when looking for cover it can pay to shop around to find the lowest premiums for cover.

The majority of high street insurance providers offering home and car insurance will not offer horse insurance. Typically when looking for cover for your horse you have to find a specialist provider. There are numerous events that may be covered in insurance for horses and when comparing for the lowest premiums online you may wish to check what is offered for the money you pay.

The typical horse insurance policy covers death, loss, theft and straying. You may also add in optional cover to provide help financially towards the vet’s fees. As these could run into many thousands of pounds if your horse is ill or has an accident, a policy could save you a small fortune in fees. Other events that may be included are third party liability insurance, personal accident cover and protection of your saddlery and tack.

2011 Apr 11

Dedicated Mobile Phone Insurance Cover

Home contents insurance policies provide protection to your home and the valuables that are kept therein. Many people are advised to use to the home contents cover and extend it to their mobile phones, as a way to save money on the premium. At first, this may seem sensible, but it be not be so.

A dedicated mobile phone insurance policy is definitely a better option for your handset. One of the reasons being that in case of theft or damage, your insurance company will quickly process your claim and either have your handset repaired or replaced. A home insurance company may take considerably longer. It is often not worth using your home contents cover for your mobile as a claim on your mobile can affect your no claims bonus on the home content insurance.

It is imperative that you report your loss as quickly as possible. The quick response by the network company is of importance as the company bars further use of the handset within minutes. If you fail to do so within a stipulated time, your insurance may be invalidated.

Another benefit of a dedicated mobile phone insurance cover is that you get cover against fraudulent calls made using your stolen mobile phone. While this is a non-issue for Pay As You Go users, contract customers will be liable to pay up the huge bills, if they do not have the fraudulent calls cover.

Considering these benefits, the premium that you pay is definitely worth the peace of mind that mobile phone insurance cover can get you. And if you do not lose or damage your handset, the no-claims are always there.

2011 Apr 10

Checking Out Static Caravan Insurance Quotes

Comparing several caravan insurance quotes online may lead to you being able to save a great deal of money on insurance premiums. You may be able to take out caravan insurance from the provider of your home insurance or car insurance. However it does not hurt to get quotes from insurance providers who specialise in static caravan insurance.

When you check out static caravan insurance quotes on the net you can also check out the benefits and the small print associated with the policy. The majority of online insurance providers give you the summary of the policy, however the small print and policy documents have to be downloaded and read too if you are to get a full understanding of what you can and cannot claim for. For instance your awning may be protected in your policy. However it could be that it is only covered if you leave it up and it is destroyed during a storm, while you are in the caravan. If this happens and you are not in the caravan at the time of the storm you may have to stand to the cost yourself.

When checking out static caravan insurance online remember to find out how much the excess is on the policy. This is the amount you pay towards a claim and it can vary between providers.

2011 Apr 09

Cover Unusual Pets With Exotic Pet Insurance

If you own what is classed as an ‘exotic pet’ you may want to protect your pet with exotic pet insurance. This form of insurance provides you with peace of mind for many scenarios that may otherwise leave you having to pay out a great deal of money.

An exotic pet insurance policy at the very least would cover the death of your pet. Exotic pets typically are not cheap and so insurance is considered essential to protect your investment. Along with paying out the agreed value of your pet the policy may also provide financial assistance if your pet is stolen or lost. Snakes for example are great escape artists and if it gets out of your home the chances of finding it are minimal.

Exotic pet insurance may also cover vets fees if your pet suddenly falls ill or suffers from an accident. Vets fees may be a combination of tests, x-rays, treatment and medication, all of which could add up to a considerable sum of money. It could even mean your pet has to have treatment on a continuous basis and a policy would help towards the costs. Of course these are just some of the many benefits you could have when you insure your exotic pet and there are many more.

2011 Apr 07

Home Emergency Insurance – Get Yourself An Early Christmas Present

When it is `that` time of year again, you know the one, when everybody starts to lose all sense of reality and rush out to shops at the weekend to join the millions of other lemmings! I know that seems a very cynical viewpoint on the tradition of Christmas, but there is a very important thing we sometimes forget in our headlong rush to get the presents before the `rush`, home emergency insurance.

It may seem a mundane proposition when placed alongside the much more exciting prospect of Christmas shopping, but a little forward planning will make you much more popular than Santa if things do go wrong.

Think about these facts for a moment.

  • The average plumber hourly rate is £35
  • For London that cost rises to £75 per hour and more
  • The average plumber callout charge is £35-75

So, what sorts of things would your home emergency insurance policy cover?

As well as paying for same-day repairs to heating and hot water supply, plumbing, drainage and electrical problems, broken doors and windows, loss of keys, vermin infestation and storm damage to windows and roofs, some policies will also pay for annual boiler inspections, which homeowners are advised to undertake every year and can cost as much as £80.

Even when you have taken out House Contents and/or House Buildings Insurance, it would be wise to check whether any of these events are covered because you can rest assured that you will not be a very popular person if, for example, your heating fails over Christmas, or you have a power failure.

2011 Apr 06

Why Take Out Caravan Insurance?

The answer to this question lies in how much you have paid for your caravan. If you have paid out thousands of pounds for a top of the range caravan then it makes sense to pay a little more for caravan insurance to cover the possibility of total loss. Even when buying a cheaper used caravan, insurance is still worth taking out as it brings the owner peace of mind against a wide range of events.

Imagine for a second that while you are out a fire starts in your caravan. When you return there is nothing left of the caravan but a pile of smouldering ashes and the bare shell? If you do not have insurance or inadequate insurance then many thousands of pounds have literally gone up in smoke. With insurance you may be able to claim back the full value of the caravan, if you have taken out insurance with agreed values, the total worth of the caravan. Suddenly paying a small premium each month for insurance does not sound so bad, does it?

Your caravan is at risk of many events. Storms can severely damage your caravan, as can flooding. Then there is the risk of theft of the caravan or your belongings from inside. Awnings cost a great deal of money these may generally be included in the caravan insurance policy, up to a certain amount.

2011 Apr 05

The Benefits To Taking Out Dog Insurance

There are many reasons why taking out dog insurance benefits the pet owner. Your dog might have cost a great deal of money and if it is a rare breed it could be at risk of theft. There is also the risk of your dog falling ill or being involved in an accident. Insurance typically covers these events and more.

While no one likes to think of the worst, consider how much it might cost if your dog is knocked down by a car. Vets fees might include the cost of x-rays, tests, medicine and much more. A stay overnight at the veterinary hospital does not come cheap. All of these costs could add up to a great deal of money, maybe thousands of pounds. Dog insurance would pay towards these costs. Illness could strike at anytime, just the same as with human beings. Again the costs of medicine and treatment could be enormous and insurance is there to fall back on and help you financially.

A dog insurance policy also covers many other events such as financial aid towards advertising costs and reward if your pet is stolen or lost. Third party liability insurance in case your pet should injure someone or damage property of others. All of this and more is included in a typical insurance policy for your dog.

2011 Apr 04

Unused Mobile Phone Insurance Cover- Look For No-Claims Bonus

Most people have a constant companion and that is their mobile phone. Advanced technology has enabled mobile phones to multi-task, and that has made the gadget indispensable. Most people are petrified at the very thought of losing their mobile phones. Of course, damage, loss, and theft of mobile phones are common occurrences today. Therefore, people consider having their mobile phones insured using mobile phone insurance cover.

Paying a small monthly premium will ensure that you have your stolen or damaged mobile phone replaced in a short time, by your insurance company, and the thought is reassuring especially to those who are heavily dependent on their mobile phones. The small premium that you pay per month will certainly add up to a big sum. If something goes wrong with your mobile phone during the period, you have your mobile phone insurance cover, you can claim compensation, and you would be thankful that you have the protection.

But in case your mobile phone has not had any mishaps during the period that you help the policy, would mean that you spent a neat sum anticipating trouble. Many mobile phone insurance companies do compensate policyholders who have had no claims during the policy period. They are compensated either by way of lower premiums when the policy is renewed or the handsets are upgraded to the latest ones available. Therefore, when you have your mobile phone insurance cover, you have peace of mind and with the no-claims bonus you get your rewards too.