One of the biggest benefits to taking out horse insurance is much like life insurance that a human takes out. In the event of your horses death the policy pays out the sum insured. It also typically pays out if your horse is stolen or lost and not recovered, along with providing financial assistance towards a reward for locating a stolen horse.

Another benefit you may be able to add into your horse insurance is vets fees. If your horse falls sick and has to have tests and treatment, the costs could be staggering. If you have insurance the policy typically pays up to so much towards the costs. The policy may also payout for permanent loss of use. This means that if you cannot participate in such as events with your horse, you are covered.

Horse insurance may be taken out to cover many other things too. For instance you could insure for personal accident in case the rider is disabled or killed. Such things as your tack and saddles may be included in the insurance along with third party insurance for liability. Look into a policy and the numerous benefits online and compare the cost of cover along with the amount of excess you have to pay in the event of a claim.