Touring and static caravan insurance may save you from a great deal of grief if something happens to your caravan. Without a policy you could have to dig deep into your pocket, and in the worst case of theft or destruction of your caravan you could be many thousands of pounds out of pocket.

Some insurance brokers on the high street offer both forms of caravan insurance and it is important that you choose the right type. However, you might be able to get your hands on cheaper premiums if you look on the internet and compare it. There is no shortage of caravan insurance providers online, which is good news as it means the premiums are competitive. Take the time to get several quotes with different providers, and when comparing the cost also compare what benefits you are offered.

When making your comparison also take into account that you need to pay so much towards any successful claim you make. This amount is called the excess. It typically differs between insurance companies so always check. While a higher excess generally helps to keep the insurance premiums down, this is money you have to find out of your own pocket if a claim is made.