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Home Emergency Cover

Although you may well have home insurance already, the real problem is the fact that whilst it's likely to cover you for the consequences of things going wrong, it will do little or nothing as far as the causes are concerned. That's where home emergency cover comes in, offering you peace of mind and protection should things go wrong.

This could include burst pipes, damaged roofs, blocked drains, boiler breakdowns, losing keys or problems with gas or electricity. If there's a power cut, your home insurance will probably cover you for the cost of food damaged as a result of the freezer being off, but it's home emergency cover that will make sure the power's back on.

From burst pipes, leaks, missing roof tiles and blocked toilets, home emergency cover is exactly that - cover at home for when you're facing an emergency.

What Is Home Emergency Cover?

We're all familiar with breakdown cover. You hope you don't need it, but if your car breaks down, you're glad to have the ability to be able to dial a single number and have someone come out to fix the problem. Home emergency cover is a little like having that same security and peace of mind at home.

Whatever kind of emergency it is, from burst water pipes to blocked drains, from tiles blown off the roof to a branch breaking a window, and from losing all your house keys to the central heating packing up, home emergency cover is like having your own personal emergency service, and usually all it takes is one number.

How would you manage if your boiler packed up, your water pipe burst or part of the roof blew off? Knowing you only have to dial one number to get the right person out to fix the problem quickly, with the bill being picked up by your home emergency cover supplier lets you enjoy your home, rather than worrying about how you'd manage if something went wrong.

What Are The Different Types Of Home Emergency Cover?

Home emergency cover options include a number of different benefits, many of which will be found included as standard on most policies. However, it's important to check to see which options you'd really benefit from, and which you don't need. In this way you can more accurately compare suitable policies for the best deal.

Benefits to consider when choosing home emergency cover include:

Home emergency cover usually provides one single phone number, giving you the reassuring peace of mind that whatever kind of emergency you're facing, help is only one number away, and usually all costs and bills are covered.

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