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Your pet is a treasured member of your family and you hope that they never have a serious illness or injury. Unfortunately you never know when bad luck will strike and it could result in a vet's bill for hundreds or even thousands of pounds.

As veterinary medicine becomes more technologically advanced, treatments are rising in price. Pet insurance means that for a small regular payment, you would be able to go ahead straight away with any treatment needed without having to borrow money or dip into your savings.

What is Pet Insurance?

Pet insurance covers your vet's fees in the case of illness or injury to your dog, cat or other animal. The premium is a small amount, usually paid monthly, designed to protect you against large, unexpected costs which result from a medical condition or accident.

What's the difference between different policies?

Extra cover
Some policies will also pay out in the case of death of a pet, or for advertising if your pet goes missing. They may cover additional costs such as cattery/kennels costs if you are hospitalised and can't care for your cat or dog.

Lifetime cover
Lifetime policies will cover your pet for a chronic or lifetime illness such as diabetes.

For example, if your pet develops a condition which needs regular medication for the rest of its life, then a lifetime policy would cover this cost. Most policies offer lifetime cover, but some budget options are for the term of the policy only, giving cover against large one-off accidents or illnesses. You'll need to compare pet insurance policies to determine which cover is offered and decide which is right for you - a cheap policy with no frills cover, or a more comprehensive policy.

Policies generally have a small excess that you need to pay yourself when making a claim. Some uk policies will require an excess for each claim, some for each illness so that if you make multiple claims in one year for one condition, then only one payment is required.

You can see from our pet insurance comparison table that there can be a difference in the price of policies. This is generally related to the cover offered, so it's important to check the details of the policy carefully to compare the pet insurance cover provided.

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