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A horse or pony is a significant investment, with equipment costs, stables and veterinary fees all increasing the overall cost of looking after a horse. It makes sense therefore to make sure that appropriate horse insurance is put into place. But it's absolutely essential that horse insurance is chosen on the basis of what is covered, the terms, additional benefits, length of cover and value of cover than on the cost of the insurance premium. Cutting costs when it comes to choosing horse insurance can mean cutting the options when it comes to providing a horse with the treatment or attention it needs.

What Is Horse Insurance?

Horse insurance, as with most forms of pet insurance, provides a range of benefits including veterinary fees in the case of illness or accident. But horses involve a range of unique requirements which make it important to think about the various options and benefits available, deciding what you need, and what you don't, so that you can make a fully informed choice about which horse insurance is right for you, rather than relying on price alone to make your mind up.

Not all horse insurance policies include the same features as standard, and not all insurers provide the same range of additional benefits, so it pays in the long run to check through the following list of features which can be found, and use this list to help you make the right choice for your horse.

What Are The Different Types Of Horse Insurance?

Rather than there being different types of horse insurance policies, insurance companies will be able to offer various combinations of benefits and features. Some of these will be included as standard, but many are additional extras. Use this list to decide what you do need, and what you don't, and then find insurance companies offering horse insurance which includes all those features you need before comparing the prices of premiums.

Horse insurance policies vary perhaps more than almost any other kind of insurance policy, and certainly as far as pet insurance is concerned. Use the comprehensive list above to decide what's relevant, and then compare horse insurance quotes for the best deal.

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