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Static Caravan Insurance

A static caravan can be a great holiday home, temporary home or long term home, offering convenience, comfort and often an idyllic location. But static caravan insurance is essential because no matter how idyllic the location, and no matter how luxurious the caravan, things sadly can and do go wrong from time to time.

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Whether you use your static caravan as a home or a holiday home you'll certainly need to make sure you're covered. Static caravan insurance offers a combination of many of the aspects found in standard buildings insurance as well as home contents insurance, but unlike these two types of policy, static caravan insurance offers protection against issues which are often unique to static caravans, or at least more likely.

Geographical risks which would not be a problem for a traditional bricks and mortar home can cause real problems for static caravans, such as flooding, burst pipes, storms and even falling trees. Protecting the roof over your head as well as your possessions is critical, but there are also other issues to think about when choosing a static caravan insurance policy.

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What Is Static Caravan Insurance?

Static caravan insurance helps to protect the caravan as both a possession, which is likely to be quite expensive, as well as being your home. Such insurance therefore needs to provide more than just a financial compensation for the loss of a possession, since you may need to find somewhere else to stay until things are sorted out. This will depend largely on your personal circumstances, but if the static caravan is to be a permanent or semi permanent residence for you or a family member then it's essential to make sure that it's more than just the physical caravan that's covered.

Static caravan insurance provides a range of solutions depending on the age and cost of the caravan, as well as offering a range of additional benefits, such as covering the possessions, equipment and items inside the caravan, protecting the caravan from geographical risks such as flooding, fire, storm damage and fire, as well as offering protection to family and friends who may be visiting or staying.

Most caravan site owners require static caravan owners to have public liability cover, and so often this will be included as standard in most static caravan insurance policies, but it's important to make sure that if your site owner requires it, your policy does include it either as standard or an optional extra.

What Are The Different Types Of Static Caravan Insurance?

New for Old - If your static caravan is less than 5 years old then this will be the ideal form of cover to have. This type of policy means that should your caravan be irretrievably damaged, or even stolen, then the insurance company will provide a brand new replacement on a like for like basis.

Agreed Value - If your static caravan is less than a year old, an Agreed Value policy means that the insurance company will compensate you for the full price you paid for the caravan. This is only if you bought the caravan from a registered dealer, and can prove this, as well as the price you paid. After the first year though you'll probably need to move to a New for Old policy, which may actually be slightly cheaper.

Market Value - Often the cheapest of the static caravan insurance policies, this is ideal for static caravans which are more than 5 years old. In these cases an official market value price is agreed using the Glass's Guide, and it is this which is used in any compensation claim.

Remember, you can often lower your static caravan insurance premium not only by choosing the right level of cover, but making sure you don't end up paying for features you don't need, such as European cover.

Also, having approved security systems and locks fitted can significantly lower your premium. Look out for makes such as Ramtech, Goldcrest and Startech. Joining a caravan club and having a no claims discount will also significantly reduce the cost of your caravan insurance.

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