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Caravans offer all of the advantages of a home with those of a vehicle, but unfortunately when it comes to touring caravan insurance they can offer all of the disadvantages of each too. Having a dedicated touring caravan insurance policy makes a lot more sense than trying to add on extras from home insurance and car insurance policies in the hope of covering everything needed.

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In the last few years caravan insurance has seen a great deal of change and many new improvements, with a range of caravan insurance policies available today which provide an excellent level of comfort, offering both reassurance as well as a whole range of optional extras for complete peace of mind.

What Is Touring Caravan Insurance?

Caravan insurance is broadly divided into two types, including policies for touring caravans and policies for static caravans. On this page you can find information and advice about caravan insurance for touring caravans, but for details about static caravan insurance just click here.

Although you'll often hear about 'standard' caravan insurance, there really is no such thing, with some companies offering some aspects as standard, and others offering them as optional extras. It's really important to think carefully about a number of points we'll cover on this page, and after deciding how many of them apply to you, check with your chosen provider whether they're all included. Of course, it also makes sense to find insurers who don't include things you don't need, which will help to keep the price down. For example, you probably won't need European cover as standard if you're insuring a static caravan.

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The points to consider include:

Think carefully about which of these points apply to you, and look for a touring caravan insurance policy which includes those issues you need, without forcing you to pay for standard cover which includes issues that aren't relevant to you.

What Are The Different Types Of Touring Caravan Insurance?

New for Old - If your caravan is under 5 years old then this is the recommended type of caravan insurance you need to consider. This will mean that you'll receive a brand new 'like for like' caravan in the event your existing caravan is considered by the insurance company to be a total loss, (either stolen and not recovered or damaged to the point where repairing it would be more expensive than replacing it, such as fire damage.) Make sure if you choose this type of caravan insurance that the true value of the cover matches the current retail value of an equivalent new caravan, as insurers don't always check the latest prices when quoting.

Agreed Value - If you've only fairly recently bought your caravan, usually within the last 12 months, then an agreed value will be the one you can prove you paid for it. As long as you bought the caravan from a registered dealer and can prove your purchase and the price paid then your insurer may offer cover up to that value. This is a good option for the first year's cover, after which you may need to move to a 'New for Old' form of cover.

Market Value - This is simply a form of touring caravan insurance where your caravan is covered up to its current market. This is determined by your insurer using the industry standard Glass's Guide, (which isn't available to the public.) So if your caravan is valued at £1,000 and your excess is £100, you'll receive £900.

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