While shopping around for the best breakdown cover available in the market, make sure that it covers all your requirements.

Do you need assistance from your home? Then remember that this has to be on the next level from the cheapest level of roadside assistance. You will also have to opt for additional European cover, if you have to drive on the continent for business or plan to go for a driving holiday there.

You must make sure what your breakdown cover does not cover when you sign up for it. The cover does generally not include replacement of parts. If you didn’t know this at the time you bought your cover, believe me, you would be shocked.

Claims that are over a certain limit, for instance, the market value of the car and the labour costs, which are more that what is spelt out in the breakdown policy, will not be honoured.

It would be important to know that the recovery does not cover you after an accident, not even to the nearest garage.

Now there is some news for animal lovers. Transportation of animals, especially horses or livestock, is also not usually covered in the breakdown cover, though smaller domestic animals might be.

Breakdown cover does not cover unauthorized repairs, services, and other expenditure on the vehicle, so ensure you file your claim in keeping with what your policy allows.

You do not get unlimited calls for recovery service; each breakdown cover has a number specified. If you exceed the number of callouts, you have to pay for it.