2011 May 08

The Benefits Of Taking Out Horse Insurance

The biggest benefit of horse insurance is the cover given for the actual value of the horse, but there are many other elements which can be included.

2011 Apr 14

Where To Find Horse Insurance For The Lowest Premiums

With horse insurance policies varying in the cover provided and the premium cost, it’s important to compare policies in detail to get the right one for you.

2011 Mar 22

Do You Have Horse Insurance To Fall Back Onto?

With a horse already being a large financial commitment, insurance is the perfect way to ensure this doesn’t expand.

2011 Feb 27

Looking For And Comparing Horse Insurance

Thinking of getting horse insurance? Not all policies are the same so it’s important to look at what they cover, along with the premium cost.

2011 Feb 04

Horse Riding With The Peace Of Mind Of Horse Insurance

Keeping a horse is an expensive business but purchasing horse insurance means you won’t be hit with any unexpected bills.

2011 Jan 13

Protecting Your Investment With Horse Insurance

Horse insurance – just another expense? With the cover included it can be argued that horse insurance actually saves you money.

2010 Dec 22

Worry Free Riding With Horse Insurance

What does horse insurance cover? Vet fees and compensation in case of loss of your horse are the big areas included but there is usually much more.

2010 Dec 03

Horse Insurance For Your Peace Of Mind

Horse insurance – an optional extra or an absolute necessity? With cover including vet fees and loss of your horse, most consider it essential for peace of mind.