2011 Feb 10

Safe Travel While Pregnant

A pregnant woman can choose to travel by air, car, train, or by boat so long as the woman takes some basic precautions at all times.

2011 Feb 03

Existing Travel Insurance Is Affected By Pregnancy

For most women the second trimester is an ideal time to take off on a holiday, with consent from her doctor.

2011 Jan 27

Limited Options Of Travel Insurance And Pregnancy

Choose your travel insurance policy keeping in mind what your requirements are. You may prefer to pay a higher premium if it gives you better cover for your travel during pregnancy.

2011 Jan 20

Second Trimester Safest For Travel During Pregnancy

Travelling is safe during the second trimester and would be the best time for the woman to take her vacation.

2011 Jan 13

Airline Rules And Insurance Cover For Travel During Pregnancy

Get your travel insurance updated when you travel during pregnancy. It is equally important to check out the airline rules for travel during pregnancy before you plan your holiday.

2011 Jan 06

Why Insurance Is Important In Travel During Pregnancy

Travel insurance for pregnant women is essential as you never know when an emergency might arise.

2010 Dec 30

Car Travel During Pregnancy

Car travel can be thoroughly enjoyable for an expectant mother provided she takes the necessary care to take adequate breaks and snacks.

2010 Dec 23

Air Travel During Pregnancy

With the added security of a pregnancy travel insurance cover the pregnant woman can enjoy a relaxing holiday.

2010 Dec 16

Safety Tips For Travelling Whilst Pregnant

Pregnant women can go on that much-needed holiday, provided they follow some guidelines. These few tips will ensure a safe journey for the expectant mother.

2010 Dec 16

Making Travel During Pregnancy A Safe One

Some added precautions are necessary for an expectant mother who plans to travel. With those in place there is no reason why she cannot travel, with an ok from the doctor.