There are many things you need to check when looking to take out pet insurance. The cost may be one of the main points as insurance has to be affordable. What you get for your money is also of importance, along with the exclusions and limitations.

Another factor you have to take into account is how much excess you are asked to pay. All insurance comes with a minimum amount of excess but you may choose to pay more. The bonus to paying more excess is that typically it brings the cost of the premiums down. However the downside to this is if a claim has to be made then the excess has to be paid by you towards the claim before the provider pays the rest. The excess also means that if you run up vet bills of £60 and your excess is £50, it might not be worth making a claim just for ten pounds.

What you get for your money depends mainly on the level of pet insurance you choose to take out. Different levels means that insurance is generally affordable however bear in mind the lower the premiums the less you are able to claim back on the policy.