A car stalling first thing in the morning is a lousy way to start the day, but it’s worse when you do not have breakdown cover.

So make sure that you get breakdown cover, which covers you when the vehicle does not start in the morning. This home breakdown assistance gives you all that the roadside assistance offers, right at your doorstep or in the parking near your home.

So what benefits do the home start option, on breakdown cover bring you? When you find your car does not start, all you need to do is to call breakdown assistance and wait for the team of professionals to come and fix your vehicle. You can get the assistance round the clock, every day of the year.

According to statistics, in 85 per cent of the home callout cases, the mechanic or team is able to fix the problem. As in the case of roadside assistance, the service providers have a good record in repairing the vehicles.

In the rare event that the mechanic finds he cannot repair your car, you can rest assured that your vehicle would not be left sitting in front of your house. Like in the roadside assistance, the car will be towed to the nearest garage or even to the garage you normally go to, provided it is within the stipulated area. The breakdown cover goes the extra mile too; if you have problems explaining the fault, the mechanic who attends the home callout, takes the time to explain the problem to the garage folk.

Just remember, that the home start option is part of the breakdown cover, but make sure you opt for it. If you do not have it, just add-on the home start to your existing breakdown cover.