When looking at breakdown cover you can choose between cover on a named vehicle, or by individual.

The individual policy can be more versatile as it gives cover for you and for any vehicle that you drive rather than the vehicle.

This is again a lifestyle choice and would be valuable if you have to or opt to drive more than one vehicle. For instance, you have your Jag, which you drive around for leisure, then there is your grandfather’s Bentley, which you take for a spin occasionally, there is the company workhorse, your son’s Harley Davidson, your wife’s Toyota topped off with your mother-in-law’s Volkswagen. So isn’t it better you are covered rather than the vehicle?

This would also cover you for when you are a passenger in a car which breaks down. For example, if you are a passenger and someone else is driving such as a colleague, family member or a friend, you are eligible for cover. This is great for people who have a large circle of family and friends and for those who have a choice of vehicles to run around in.

This breakdown cover is good if you own several vehicles or are a passenger in many cars – car-pooling, for instance. It is also to your benefit if the car you usually drive is more than 10 years old, then personal cover is less expensive than the vehicle cover.

But of course if other people regularly drive your car they would need their own breakdown cover.