Mobile phone insurance cover is a much-needed protection to safeguard your handset against theft, damage, loss, and fraudulent calls. Very often, you are offered insurance cover when you buy your handset. However, those tend to be expensive policies and it would be wise on your part to simply let it pass. Yet others would offer free phone insurance cover when you buy the mobile phone from the service provider along with the plan. Mostly what they offer would be free insurance for the first month or so, after which the monthly premium will be loaded on to your mobile phone bills. Check your bills to find out if you are not already paying for mobile phone insurance cover. That is reason enough to always read the fine prints on the application, because you never know what you are putting your signature to, when you apply.

Scouting the internet will help you locate several independent insurance companies that offer mobile phone insurance. Their rates tend to be more competitive and you can compare the rates online to find a suitable company.

If you already have home and contents cover, you could extend the cover to include your mobile phone. The rate that will be built-in to your existing premium might be a lot less.

Some companies will offer discounts for families with multiple mobiles and have them covered under a single policy. If you already have had a policy and are looking to renew it, ask for the no-claims incentives, if you have it on your earlier mobile phone insurance cover.