Just as you are able to take out many different varieties of insurance for yourself and family, the same applies when taking out pet insurance. There are different forms of insurance and it pays to understand these when considering a policy.

One of the forms of pet insurance is time capped cover. This means that the policy covers a condition for the first year of you claiming on the insurance. An example of this might be if your pet is diagnosed with diabetes. During the first year you are able to claim up to the maximum amount on your policy but after that if the illness continues you can claim nothing.

Lifetime cover, as the name suggests, typically covers your pet for life. This means that if diabetes is diagnosed you are able to continue claiming year after year while ever your pet has the illness and needs treatment.

Financially capped cover means you may be able to claim over the years, however there is typically a limit on the maximum amount of money you can claim back.

Pet insurance can be affordable if you choose to search around the internet and compare policies. When making comparisons along with comparing the cost of insurance, at the same time also check the benefits and levels so you know what you will get back if needed.