Cat insurance may have to be taken out with a specialist offering pet insurance. One of the easiest ways to obtain insurance for your cat is online. Specialist providers typically offer various levels of cover to ensure that there is an affordable policy for all pet owners.

When looking online for insurance you may wish to bear in mind that all cat insurance comes with what is known as a certain amount of excess. This is how much you have to pay towards a claim, if one is made. The excess can vary with providers and usually the more excess on the policy the cheaper the premiums are each month.

While the benefits you get will depend on the level of insurance you choose there are some things that are commonly included in cat insurance. Usually a policy will cover up to so much vets fees in the event your cat is injured or develops an illness. It will pay so much towards the cost of boarding fees and advertising if your cat is stolen. Insurance for your pet can be worth the cost when you consider how much vets fees could be, a policy can bring enormous peace of mind.