Comparing several caravan insurance quotes online may lead to you being able to save a great deal of money on insurance premiums. You may be able to take out caravan insurance from the provider of your home insurance or car insurance. However it does not hurt to get quotes from insurance providers who specialise in static caravan insurance.

When you check out static caravan insurance quotes on the net you can also check out the benefits and the small print associated with the policy. The majority of online insurance providers give you the summary of the policy, however the small print and policy documents have to be downloaded and read too if you are to get a full understanding of what you can and cannot claim for. For instance your awning may be protected in your policy. However it could be that it is only covered if you leave it up and it is destroyed during a storm, while you are in the caravan. If this happens and you are not in the caravan at the time of the storm you may have to stand to the cost yourself.

When checking out static caravan insurance online remember to find out how much the excess is on the policy. This is the amount you pay towards a claim and it can vary between providers.