Whether you are the proud owner of a new caravan and are looking for insurance or you already own a caravan and need to renew your insurance, you may wish to look online and compare static caravan insurance.

The majority of static caravans cost many thousands of pounds and therefore taking out adequate insurance is essential. Many owners live in their caravans during the summer months and so they are a home away from home. Static caravans have everything your home has; this may include a three piece suite, flat screen TV, DVD and even satellite. Then of course there are the furnishings and your belongings. All of these items add up to great deal of money. When taking out insurance you could take an inventory of all the belongings in your caravan and this is the sum of money you need to insure the contents for. If you insure new for old you would typically get back what the items and belongings are worth today.

Static caravan insurance typically covers your caravan against damage due to storm, flood, theft, fire, and vandalism. If you are renting out your caravan to others when you are not using it you might want to make sure you have third party liability insurance.