When you take out static caravan insurance a policy typically covers a wide range of events and circumstances that could otherwise leave you devastated financially.

Static caravans do not come cheap. Some are like home away from home and as such cost many thousands of pounds. Then of course there are all the furnishings and belongings in the caravan. If the caravan should be destroyed totally say due to a fire or storm, without cover you would lose a substantial sum of money. With fully comprehensive static caravan insurance you can claim on the policy and at least replace your loss.

The typical static caravan insurance policy covers your caravan and belongings against fire, theft, and damage due to vandalism or storm, along with other things. Your aerial and satellite dish may be protected against damage, along with your steps and awning. If you have decking and fencing around the caravan these may be covered in the policy too, however not all providers extend your policy to these. As with any insurance policy always check the small print so that you know what you can and cannot claim for. Reading the boring small print can save financial distress if your claim is turned down due to not being included in your cover.